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Looking for HR- Solutions? Whether you are a start-up or MSMEs we are here to support you.

HR Operations forms an indispensable part of every HR department as it supports the entire lifecycle and assists in the day-to-day tasks. It plays a crucial role in developing a company’s people strategy to reach its business goals. As our clients HR-partner we address the daily organizational and workforce nuances by providing a real-time assistance to business operations in startups and SMEs. Our services include -


As an HR partner we support in all administrative tasks that keeps the business running. We work to ensure an error freepayroll management, accurate staff data entry and maintenance, HRMS launch and implementation, employee paper work and many more.


We make sure that our clients are legally compliant with country-specific labor laws when it comes hiring, statutory benefits, workplace rules and employee treatment at workplace. HRletes strive to make the operations aligned with the necessary regulatory compliances and on time delivery of the tasks and activities.
As our clients HR business partner, we address the daily organizational and workforce nuances. We provide real-time assistance to business operations in startups and SMEs to attain daily targets and goals.


HRletes works to develop a structured onboarding program to create a great employee experience as per the need of the clients. We support the managers and HR team to develop, implement and run a smooth and positive onboarding experience to their new employees.


We offer all the administrative services related to employee exit. Being a neutral party to the process we ensure proper return of company property, on time completion of necessary paper work, transparent exit interviews, and true feedback collection from the leaving employee. This helps us advise the client on building a better work environment and employee experience for the current and future employees.

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